About Us

Dominic and Hilary take great pride in helping pupils reach their full potential with the extra home support that tuition provides.

At school students can lose faith in their abilities. They may miss important blocks of learning for a variety of reasons. Class sizes make teachers very time pressurised. Certain subjects can challenge pupils. Exams and assessments lead to ongoing pressure on learners and families. In all of these circumstances, supplementary tuition, with the right tutor, can really help.

The tutors we work with share common characteristics; they inspire pupils. They show patience and empathy and they will try every possible teaching approach to develop understanding and progression in skills.

1:1 tuition with Tutor Doctor works because we get to know the families we support and the tutors we match. In this way tuition starts in the best possible way and we ensure that development follows.

Increasingly schools do not have funding to provide extra support. We can. Please call or fill in the web form for further information.