Help Your Child To Succeed With A GCSE Tutor From  Tutor Doctor

Finding the right tutor to help your child achieve good grades in GCSE subjects can be difficult. Here at Tutor Doctor we’ve got it covered. We don’t just help your child to grasp the basics; we have dedicated GCSE tutors work alongside them to grow their confidence on areas they struggle with. Our holistic approach to GCSE tutoring transforms traditional teaching styles to suit the needs of every pupil. Children have unique responses to learning, and our tutors work to find engaging and enjoyable ways to offer private tutoring in your own home.

Tutor Doctor – Achieve Good Grades At GCSE

The GCSE examinations are nationally recognised qualifications that mark the completion of Key Stage 3. Over the years, modifications have been made to both the syllabus material and the examination process across nearly all subjects. Students can be placed under an immense amount of pressure when preparing to sit up to as many as 10 exams. Home tutoring for GCSE students in maths English, biology, chemistry, physics, science and history helps them take back control of their learning. The Tutor Doctor is designed to work with the newly graded 9-1 GCSE syllabus across all subjects

Prepare For Success With Exam Preparation From Tutor Doctor

  • We help our students develop practical revision and study skills, by working through past papers and sitting mock exams. We highlight areas that could benefit from further study, and explore them in detail during our tuition sessions.
  • Helping students to understand the importance of good time management, can alleviate the stress of being in exam conditions, and prevent the risk of low marks due to incomplete answers.
  • Effective exam preparation can help to ease anxiety and build confidence. Increased knowledge combined with a calm, controlled approach will stops exams from becoming overwhelming.
  • To ensure that we offer the best guidance possible, we work within the guidelines of the 5 recognised exam boards in the UK – CCEA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and AQA.